Tuesday 12 July 2011

Kymo - Futuristic floorwear

Only recently under development in the kymo Lab 
and already the latest high-tech material in our 2011 collection... 
a fabric that has what it takes to become an instant classic. 
Pair a futuristic look and feel with 150.000 Martindale for a material 
that can withstand even the toughest of demands. 
Dirt resistant, heavy-duty, environmentally friendly but, oh, 
so soft and comfortable – the perfect floorwear for any terrain. 
We didn’t have to ask kymo creative director Eva Langhans twice: 
She simply had to make a carpet out of it. 
Add a subtle, yet robust anti-grip felt backing to the surface; 
refine the whole thing with a subtle seam; 
and what do you get? A completely new carpet - FABRIC [FLAT] SUPERDOTS. 
The kymo label in the bottom corner says it all: 
innovation and a penchant for contemporary design combined 
with quality and concise elegance.
FABRIC [FLAT] SUPERDOTS is available in four standard sizes. 
Production of custom sizes and colours on request.